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Inputs & Outputs

DeadLetter was designed to be an engine to both existing and new applications, as a result deadCL is engineered to use plain text files located on your domain for input(s).

Here you'll find all the information relevant to understand DeadLetter's I/O.

Basic - Inputs

All inputs are defined within Conversations. DeadLetter is only capable of receiving information in plain text files, without encoding or foreign syntax.

Input sources should employ Secure Sockets Layer although this is not a prerequisite.

All inputs must use the syntax *input,

Your input source must be accessible without, obstruction.



Parcel - Inputs

Parcel is the easiest way to create & link endpoints to your Conversation(s), here we've linked the endpoint configured with the value LR5p6 within your Author Key to your Conversation as an input.


*input, PARCEL- A LR5p6

Parcel - Output

Essentially here we're informing DeadCL where & how post your Conversation output to;


As JSON using Parcel Arnold with the payload {PARAMETERS}

If you're having trouble understanding how Parcel posting works best to learn more about Parcel posting or lookup the syntax.