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Deploying DeadLetter on Apache

Learn DeadCL


By the time you've completed this guide you'll have successfully deployed an instance of DeadLetter by self-publishing an Author Key.

Everything shown in blue must be substituted with your own values.


- A (preferably) sudo user and firewall on your server: in this example we're using Ubuntu 18.04LTS
- Apache Web Server: DeadLetter requires a web server of some description.
- Sub domain: this guide requires your web server to be configured with the sub-domain dld.yourdomain.com

Step One

Our first step is to SSH into your server, and navigate to where you'd like to place your Author Key.


sudo [email protected] sudo mkdir /var/www/html/dld/

Step Two

Next you'll need to copy our Author Key template.


cd /var/www/html/dld/ sudo curl -o AK.txt https://keys.deadletter.io/YOURDOMAIN.COM=dld=MY-AK.txt

Step Three

Jump into Nano (or your preferred text editor) and replace the filler content.


nano AK.txt

Step Four

The Author Key should look something like this; if you don't currently have Conversations ready to be published, you must remove trusted_Cnvrstn//@CON_FILE to prevent any possible errors. Don't worry when you're ready to add a Conversation you can easily update your Author Key at a later stage.


@Do-ID:NAME_YOURNAME $* [email protected]{YOURDOMAIN.COM/dld/MY-AK.txt} trusted_Cnvrstn//@CON_FILE [email protected] ?bnd -- @_all @ = dld.domain.com domain.com =YOURDOMAIN.COM/dld/ ?DRP -- [email protected]+Cnvrstn$ *END*

Step Five

Finally you'll need to submit your Author Key to DeadLetter by entering its address at: https://ak.deadletter.io



Once your AK has been accepted you can check if it's trusted by visiting - https://keys.deadletter.io/YOURDOMAIN.COM=dld=MY.AK

It can take up to anywhere from two minute to 28 hours for an Author key to be trusted by DeadLetter; if you'd like to learn more visit our Author Key walk-through, or start a conversation on our Community Hub.