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Deploy DeadLetter

Learn DeadCL


Getting started with DeadLetter is simple, by the time you've finished you'll have setup an Author key and 'installed' our demo to test.

Everything shown in blue must be substituted with your own values; or those provided by the installer.


- a Github account: in this example we're using Github but you could substitute any service or your own VPS.
- a shell prompt: to run the 'installer'.
- understanding of deadCL: will aid in every aspect
- an endpoint: able to receive a JSON payload (if you'd like to use our 'test' Conversation)

Run quick installer

Our first move is running the quick installer to create an Author Key.


bash <(curl -sL https://deploy.deadletter.io)
We also have a guide for deploying DeadLetter on Apache

Set do-ID

once the installer starts you'll be asked to set a do-ID

This acts as the identifier for your AK. it's largely used to connect your Author Key with Conversations.

set DO-ID: STEVE-99

Set [email protected]

The common address is the root, folder for Author Key discovery; in this case we'll leave the field blank, as the installer will generate a value randomly - however you're welcome to append it.

Add a Conversation

You can add as many as you like (or none) but our quick installer only permits one entry during Key creation.

In this example we'll add a Conversation hosted on Github.

Don't forget to exclude the domain elements (which we'll set next).

add Conversation: QUICK_INSTALL/master/hello.txt

Set the Domain

Now we'll set the domain. As we're using Github in this example we'll need to include the sub-directory and a trailing backlash.


set domain: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/deadletter/

Set your Authoriser

The default authentication method to update your new Author Key is a HTTP basic authentication - the Authoriser set here is only used to maintain your Author Key - the default username 'deadletter'


set Author Key Authoriser: SAFE-PHRASE

You're done!

All going to well you'll see the words;

    Hello Author! Hello world!

posted to the endpoint in "hello.txt" assuming you've forked or changed our test Conversation of-course!
Don't forget to check your Author Key was created using the command shown below.

Check your Key

You can also check your newly created Key by entering the following in a terminal - head over to our Author Walk-through to learn more.

You're need to use the URL created during the Key creation process displayed at the end of the 'installer'


curl -u deadletter:{SAFE-PHRASE} https://keys.deadletter.io/{generated-address}