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Learning DeadCL

DeadLetter is an open-source machine learning platform for research, personal and commercial applications.

Here you'll find all the information relevant to understand and deploy a Dead Conversation.
While DeadLetter offers an API (of sorts) it is unmasked. See the sections below to get started.

The Basics

Here we'll guide you through the basics of DeadLetter

- Understanding DeadCL
- Inputs & Outputs
- DeadLetter CL Synax
- DeadLetter Terminology
- Publishing

The Components

DeadCL is comprised of the following components;

- Author Key
- DeadLetter Libraries
- DeadLetter Arrays
- DeadLetter Publishers
- Trusted Domains

Writing Conversations

Applications on DeadLetter are called Conversations, here we'll discuss how you write one

- Setting Authorship
- Structuring & Building Flow


Once you understand a handful of basic principles writing, maintaining & interpreting Conversations is second Nature.

- Detecting an object
- Substituting an object
- Pulling input(s) & Link(s)
- Posting output(s)
- Output addresses


To test your knowledge of DeadCL we've created the following tutorials;

- Basic Facial Identification
- Handwritten Number Recognition
- Conversational Engine (chat bot)