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Arnold response body parameters

View Parcel (CHAD) overview

Arnold only supports JSON payloads for both receiving and sending resources (objects) here we'll briefly discuss how to send resources to a remote endpoint.

Body parameters within Arnold are principally the same as CHAD. with a few noticeable differences.

1. Arnold Doesn't need a request endpoint specified explicitly, till the object value is posted.
2. Arnold parameters values are dynamic and can be set directly (without the need for a PARCEL substitute
3. Arnold's parameters always share an association with those originally received.

Arnold body parameters

Within Arnold (unlike in CHAD) we may set the body parameters with a few lines of deadCL

For instances to make a post request with the following payload;
{ "user" :"+1 555 889 333" "message" :"Hello Larry, your car is ready for collection." }

Set body parameters substitutions

We can simply insert the following into our Library, to allow the values of $_user&$_message to be sent.
send-message; PARCEL- A $_user A $_message
You may review the syntax here.

Manage endpoints

Next we need to add an endpoint so we can make a post statement, to do this we inform our mode is Arnold and insert the URI.

Unlike with CHAD theirs no need to specify method or format as Arnold defaults to 'POST' as a method & only supports JSON for all remote endpoints.

You may review the syntax here.

POST the values

Finally we can send the parameters to the remote endpoint using the same basic principals of DRM.

With the inclusion of PARCEL- We can simply inform our mode is Arnold, connect the parameter values & endpoint (both are represented using KC's).