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Receiving a request to an Arnold endpoint

View Arnold overview

Let's create an Arnold Endpoint

Before you're able to use Arnold you'll need to setup at least one endpoint. It's really simple requiring a single line within an Author Key (per endpoint).

Here we've created an endpoint with the URI; parcel.deadletter.io/v4/Parcel/arnold/Do-ID+OWZbS-NR5B6-vAX3N



You can create more than one endpoint, by appending the command within the Author Key as follows;

This sets the information received as LR5p6. Always use a random string for these values - for added security & to avoid possible conflicts.


Parcel Endpoints are permanent (they never expire). Although, they get flushed if you generate too many, are no longer actively using them or; remove them yourself, for security reasons. You can consider them safe for long-term purposes.

Limitations of Arnold endpoints

Parcel webhooks have a few limitations, for most uses Arnold will be both simpler & faster than using CHAD.

1. Arnold endpoints can only receive POST requests
2. Arnold can only use JSON format
3. requires Body parameter (posts)