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Endpoints & Methods (CHAD)

View Parcel (CHAD) overview

Here we're only discussing how to set remote endpoints, that is to say this section of the guide only covers telling Parcel where to find (and what method to use) resources (Objects) from a remote API endpoint (such as Oracle, Twitter or your own).

We'll discuss how below.

Discussed below;

- Setting Endpoints
- Defining Methods

Setting Endpoints

Creating endpoints for CHAD is done using a Library, you're free to add endpoints as required. However they will will come into existence till 'connected' with objects within the Conversation or connected Libraries.

You can either use a seperate Library or simple append the relevant KC's in the corresponding Libraries or Conversation.

Endpoints within Libraries or Conversation

When setting an Endpoint for Calls made directly by the Conversation or Library processing the request.

We follow three steps;
1. Specify an input
2. Select a method (here we've chosen GET)
3. we provide the endpoint

*input, PARCEL-GEThttps://query.uk-london-1.oraclecloud.com/

Dedicated Library for Endpoints

For some applications it may be easier to manage all your endpoints in one location, the process is simpler with the added advantage only maintaining a single Library.

By using a dedicated Library the value oracle-query-uk can be used as a substitute for Oracles Search API, provided the Library is connected.

This method can be used to add multiply endpoints, parameters & methods.
*lib - oracle_API_endpoints *// COPYRIGHT 2018 ZERO //* oracle-query-uk; PARCEL-GEThttps://query.uk-london-1.oraclecloud.com/ oracle-telemetry-uk; PARCEL-GEThttps://telemetry.uk-london-1.oraclecloud.com/ /recall -- Oxford University Press *END*
You may review the syntax here.


Setting the method can be performed by including the method type with the request, the methods supported to remote endpoints are listed.

GET: Retrieves a resource
POST: Creates a resource
PUT: Updates or creates within an existing resource
PATCH: Partially modifies an existing resource
DELETE: Removes the resource

To set the method just include it before the endpoint as shown usingpurple