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Query string parameters (CHAD)

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The basics

Can only be set using substitutions within a Parcel Endpoint Library within a dedicated Library, as shown.

Query string parameters can be set using a similar method to Path parameters & even in conjunction with each other using;

PV_ - path value
QV_ - query value

Queries need to be tied to a variable value (even if the corresponding value is fixed), this function is always performed using a Library.

NOTE: Query string parameters can only be set on endpoint calls made by Parcel not to it.

*lib - oracle_API_endpoints *// COPYRIGHT 2018 ZERO //* oracle-query-uk; PARCEL- GEThttps://query.uk-london-1.oraclecloud.com/ PARCEL- Q GEThttps://telemetry.uk-london-1.oraclecloud.comPV_wessex? PV_locations=300&PV_time=13 PARCEL- Q GEThttps://telemetry.uk-london-1.oraclecloud.comPV_wessex? QV_locations=300&QV_time=13 PARCEL- Q GEThttps://telemetry.uk-london-1.oraclecloud.com? QV_locations=300&QV_time=13 oracle-telemetry-uk; PARCEL- GEThttps://telemetry.uk-london-1.oraclecloud.com /recall -- Oxford University Press *END*
You may review the syntax here.

Assign query string parameters values

Below we'll discuss how we set the value(s) for the following statement;

? QV_locations=300 & QV_time=13

Create parameters & assign value

Within our endpoint Library (or another) we'll need to give QV_locations=300 & QV_time=13 a value.

This enables us to set the query string parameters as whatever $_300 & $_13 are.

Note: the values have been stylised to resemble query strings to aid with human interpretation it offers no benefit to deadCL.
QV_locations=300; PARCEL- locationsVAL_$_300 QV_time=13; PARCEL- timeVAL_$_13