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Parcel for Conversation inputs & outputs

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To use Chad as an input mechanism you'll need to chose between CHAD & Arnold before creating an endpoint.

While resources (such as object data in Libraries) may be loaded using GET. Inputs must use POST/PUT/PATCH requests from your API to a Parcel endpoint.

two input types

- As Conversation input
- As Object resource information

As Conversation input

To ensure the input connection is successful you'll need to insert the Parcel mode (CHAD 'C' or Arnold 'A') along with the KC address.

If you've set up a single endpoint you can negate the last step.

*input, PARCEL- A LR5p6

As Object resource input

To connect a remote endpoint as to a object (as a resource) you'll need to simply assign its KC as a replacement to;


That said you can also make a quick and dirty connection, when little configuration is required or the Conversation is not mission critical

However this technique will not support complex endpoint parameters & shouldn't be heavily relied on.
users; {users of Purple Weather Service} PARCEL- C GETAPI.PURPLE.COM/users


deadCL can easily send POST/PUT/PATCH/DELETE requests to a remote endpoint in much the same way as DRM by using a simple POST statment connected to the KC's for both the parameter values & the endpoint.