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Posting output(s)

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From Conversation

Generally, outputs are posted with explicit, fixed statements - using one of two methods;

POST; as a Key command


Using linked words, for example; alert, “LIVE” on action executing a connected command within a library.


POST; =!important

alert, “LIVE” on action

Using Parcel

Essentially here we're informing DeadCL where & how post your Conversation output to;


As JSON using Parcel Arnold with the payload {PARAMETERS}

If you're having trouble understanding how Parcel posting works best to learn more about Parcel posting or lookup the syntax.



From Libraries

Posting from within a Library is used when outputs are abstract - that is to say unique to the initial request. Two examples are below;

Using ?DRP -- {//POST '_POST' output} Object command, in this scenario output will be the object associated with '_POST'

If the output was tokenised and set to the value of $; ?DRP -- {//POST 'C#{$}' output}


?DRP -- {//POST '_POST' output}
?DRP -- {//POST 'C#{$}' output}