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DeadCL Tutorials

Programming with deadCL may take some trial and error, it's best to think of it as an operating system rather than a framework. If you run into trouble, head over to our Community Hub where we're happy to help & answer any questions.

When it comes to understanding DeadCL we took a different approach with our tutorials, breaking them into two categories;

Kinesthetic Tutorials Step by step syntax walk through, keep a printed version of the syntax handy

Visual Tutorials We've simplified the process by providing templates, enabling you to quickly get up and running & experiment with different objects.

Kinesthetic Tutorials

These tutorials are more advanced explaining complex principles (predominantly) using games but don't let that scary you off. Each one will help you understand how use deadCL to create power applications or services in a hands on fashion.

Visual Tutorials

Our Visual tutorials are best suited for those who are either just testing (coping and pasting) or; would like to explore the system before getting stuck into the language (although we'd recommend learning the deadCL regardless).