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Number Recognition

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By the time you've completed this tutorial you'll have successfully created a handwritten number recognition tool using DeadCL, an Apache server and that's about it.

Everything shown in blue must be substituted with your own values.


- A sudo user and firewall on your server: in this example we're using Ubuntu 18.04LTS
- Apache Web Server: DeadLetter requires a web server of some description.
- Sub domain: this tutorial requires your web server to be configured with the sub-domain

Step One

Our first step is to SSH into your server, and navigate to where you'd like to place your Author Key.


sudo [email protected] sudo mkdir /var/www/html/dld/

Step Two

Next you'll need to copy our Author Key template.


cd /var/www/html/dld/ sudo curl -o AK.txt

Step Three

Jump into Nano (or your preferred text editor) and replace the filler content.


nano AK.txt

The Author Key should look something like this, be sure to set a URL for at least one Conversation file, this will be needed later on.

@Do-ID:NAME_YOURNAME $* [email protected]{YOUR-AUTHOR-KEY-NAME} trusted_Cnvrstn//@NUMBERS_FILE [email protected] ?bnd -- @_all @ = =DOMAIN ?DRP -- [email protected]+Cnvrstn$ *END*

Step Four

Next we'll copy the Conversation file from Github - ensure the file is named according to your Author Key.


sudo curl -o NUMBERS_FILE.txt

We'll need to edit one line within the Conversation, so lets open it with Nano.



You're only adding your Author Key deadID and that's it.


dld.keyset('NAME_YOURNAME') *CATCH-lib -R PI_2019 *Catch-lib -R Basic_Number_2018 *input, @IN.png IN; X Y; 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 MM00_; MATCH //POST { MM* } *END*

Step Five

Now comes the painful step, in-order for DeadLetter to be able to correctly identify handwritten words you'll need to add either our reference information (all 90 files) or generate your own.


sudo curl -o

Step Six

Finally you'll need to submit your Author Key to DeadLetter by entering its address at:


It can take up to 28 hours for an Author key to be trusted by DeadLetter; if you'd like to learn more visit our Author Key walk-through, or start a conversation on our Community Hub.


This example of DeadLetter enables for quick development of number recognition - with static imagery - along with a strong framework for expansion to motion picture.

Possible uses

Truth, be told, this Conversation does very little besides identifying written numbers in correlation to the Library.

That said you could expand it to;
- Bookeeping: With an asortment of local Libraries this could be the foundation for bookeeping.