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Changing Default URL's

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By default deadCL will look for your files in one of two places the root directory of authorised AK or within the subdomain dld.domain.com.

Using the following default URL structure, this is the same format used throughtout our offical Libraries, which expect to disover information at dld.domain.com, this is often done using the @ command.


?bnd -- @_all @ = dld.domain.com domain.com =DOMAIN

For any use beyond basic exploration of deadCL we strongly suggest shifting from the root to a sub-directory. This is perhaps the single easiest address change to make.

Don't forget to add a backlash (/) at the end, otherwise the AK will fail to update & potentially corrupt.


?bnd -- @_all @ = dld.domain.com domain.com =DOMAIN/SUB-DIRECTORY/

Rewriting the default domain dld.domain.com to something else involves creating a seperate bind statement.

This example rewrites the sub-domain dld.domain.com to DOMAIN/SUB-DIRECTORY/

Of-course you could use a different sub-domain, or even a completly different domain.


?bnd -- @_all @ = dld.domain.com domain.com =DOMAIN/SUB-DIRECTORY/ ?bnd -- @_dld.domain.com; = DOMAIN/SUB-DIRECTORY/