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Adding Inputs

Before going any further you'll need to provide an input. For this we'll use *input, @input-address this tells DeadLetter it will receive inputs on this address.


*input, @input-address

Adding libraries

Next you need to chose which libraries to include, as DeadLetter relies on libraries to inform interpretation. So lets add one Offical DeadLetter Library (NUMBER BASIC (0 - 10) // 2018)

You can view the library - libs.deadletter.io/basic_number_zero_to_ten_2018.txt
Along with a breakdown of syntax here.

For beginners it's sensible to includeCatch-all - libs to mitigate potential problems. However in this case we're only interested in one specific Library.

(Self-hosted libraries will need to include the complete deadID)


*Catch-lib -R libs.deadletter.io/Basic_Number_2018

Structuring your commands

Next we need to define what we'd like to do. In this instance we'd like DeadLetter to list the numeral when a number is spelled out.

In our example you'll notice we have separated certain words using comma's and the next line is nested. in the example below, observe is the command, or keyword and input is source.

The nested action 'POST' is what DeadLetter will execute 'on action'.


observe, input; POST, on action

Connecting commands

Key Commands need to flow into one another, notice how "on action" is the following Key Command. With the action defined as "change"

This instructs DeadLetter that it's only to POST when a number displayed at the input ID changes.

Sounds simple? Well that's because it is.


observe, input; POST, on action
action, 'change'; number
POST; =!important -- _VAL

Ending a Conversation

Don't forget to include an end statement or your conversation won't run correctly.


In this example "POST" is assigned the value designated important within the library NUMBER BASIC (0 - 10) // 2018 using deadCL.

"input-address.html" serves as the url on your web-server for input(s).

Now you've created a Dead Conversation lets publish it!
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