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Development of DeadLetter

We have prepared documentation on how to use DeadLetter that we hope is accessible and understandable. It is intended to help you get started and motivated. Ultimately DeadLetter is a machine(s) and so logical. If you are logical when creating conversations then you don't need to be technical, or digitally literate, to exploit DeadLetter. We hope that you will share your experiences and help us and others to understand the power and significance of emerging technology like this.

Before you start it's a good idea to familiarise yourself with our documentation and getting started guide. Once you've done that you could help us develop DeadLetter further by creating new libraries.

Creation of content

An initiative such as DeadLetter is a gamble. For our gamble to pay off, we need great story tellers, interested in contributing to our blog, or helping to write mailing list updates. If you're a technical writer that enjoys exploring new technologies while writing guides or tutorials we'd love to hear from you!

Release a Conversation

Applications on DeadLetter are called conversations, due to their logic progression and distinct purpose.

To enable others to truly harness the capabilities of the DeadLetter CL, we ask that you openly share your ideas and Conversations (applications) with anybody whom may be able to benefit.