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DeadLetter Libraries

What is a Library?

Libraries are repositories of information, whether your own local, physical library or something remote (such as DL hosted) Libraries are also the knowledge blocks within DeadLetter.

They contain information related to something or some object that can be used in a Conversation. Only a few exist at the moment but we anticipate users creating many more!

How do I publish one?

Publish means to make the library available to your Conversations and to those of other users. It is not useable until published. There are two mechanisms:

Self-publishing You can self publish your libraries by placing them on a Trusted Domain, like Github, or;

Through a Publisher or DeadLetter directly, they will add the library to their list, publish its existence and maintain a list of changes, on your behalf.

Available (Offical) DeadLetter Libraries

We're always open to adding new (official) DeadLetter libraries and of-course, providing a central location for third-party libraries, provided.

Offical Libraries

Offical libraries can not be overridden by local or third party libraries.