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Author Keys (AK)


What Author Keys do

Author Keys tell DeadLetter how to treat your Conversation, if they're authorised, who you are and where to post results to.

In other words they're vital, should you expect to receive information back from DeadLetter servers.

Author Key Identity

We use deadID as a universal identifier. Your actual ID is never used in a conversation. This means your in-control of your information, how it's used and what DeadLetter uses it for.

By using deadID URLs, your user information is unique & decentralised as the primary function of deadID URLs is to point to the location of a public deadID Profile document (see below).

Types of Author Key creation

DeadLetter has two different methods to create Author Keys, both achieve the same outcome with different advantages & management techniques.

The two methods are;

  1. Keys for DRM
  2. Keys created with Parcel

Author Keys for DRM

Drop & Retreive Method or DRM is more suitable for Conversations whereby your primary usercase requires more granular control.

AK's created with this method exist in two locations locally (on your internet connected server) & DeadLetters' Key server (treated as the trusted copy).

Any changes made locally are mirrored every 6 - 12 hours to DeadLetters' Key server.

Author Keys Managed with Parcel

An Author Key managed with Parcel only exists on DeadLetters' Key server with changes submitted using any terminal or online tool/website capable of sending HTTP requests.

AK's managed with Parcel update in real-time, due to maintaining a permanent & instant 'trusted' status.

AK's managed with Parcel can also be considered 'serverless'.